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Laser Vein Ablation

The primary causes of spider veins are child bearing, where legs suffer from increased pressure within the veins, due to the weight of the developing fetus on major veins in our abdomen. Prolonged standing can cause eventual increase in venous pressure due to gravity and lead to spider vein formation. The last cause is heredity, and if your parents suffered from unsightly spider veins, then you probably will too.

Prevention of spider veins is difficult because it would involve spending less time on ones' feet, which is frequently impossible, or wearing compressive stockings, which are warm and uncomfortable.

The primary treatment modalities for the ablation of spider veins is treatment with the use of a vascular laser to coagulate the underlying vessels without injuring the skin.

Recalling our human physiology, arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body and veins return blood to the heart. We have two main systems of veins in our legs. There are the deep veins located around the muscles in our legs, which we cannot see. And there are the superficial veins, which are the ones that can sometimes dilate into unsightly varicose veins. Spider veins represent very small offshoots of the superficial veins in our legs. They do not carry any appreciable volume of blood, and thus their ablation does not alter the circulation of blood in our legs.